Electriphi Command Center

Route and schedule integration

Seamless integration into existing fleet operations, routes and schedules. Collect and manage data from vehicles, CAD-AVL systems, GTFS data, and driver management systems in a single, modular dashboard. Leverage an open standards-based approach that can be deployed across a variety of legacy enterprise systems and new data sources.

Transition planning services

Comprehensive software tools and services that can be used to run sophisticated, real-time simulations. Flexible algorithms that can simulate vehicles, infrastructure and energy models, based on the unique operational characteristics of each fleet. Data, analysis and reports that can enable a smooth transition to a fully electric fleet.

Charging and energy management

Dynamically manage charging rates, peak thresholds and deman-response, with direct integrations into utility demand signalling using OpenADR or other mechanisms

Machine learning based optimizations

Sophisticated ML/AI platform that integrates the impact of route topology, weather conditions, driver behavior and vehicle efficiencies to provide the most optimal charging strategies

Enterprise-scale data management

Enterprise data policy, with no data lock-in so you can switch networks anytime. Seamless scaling, as you add more vehicles, charging infrastructure and energy resources. Manage data access and reporting through comprehensive APIs.

Fleet operations monitoring and reporting

Remote monitoring and reporting of fleet assets, including vehicles, charging stations and other infrastructure. Configurable reports that can be tailored to deliver metrics to key stakeholders based on reporting frequency.