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AI in Energy

October 6, 2019

2 min

What's the #1 benefit AI brings to the energy industry?

Courtesy: Disruptor Daily)

Disruptor Daily's Sam Mire interviews experts in technology. Electriphi's Muffi Ghadiali speaks on a series of how Artificial Intelligence is shaping the field of Energy, along with 10 other technology leaders.

What's the #1 benefit AI brings to the energy industry?

Muffi: AI/big data solutions are at the forefront of moving energy and building intelligent feedback channels. We only see it becoming more and more of competitive distinction especially as we move to electrons. As an example, an AI platform like Electriphi's tracks energy consumption pattern and can dynamically determine how, when and where to fuel the next generation of electrified vehicles. This means much smarter, easier, and cost-effective ways to use and transport energy – which is what customers want.

What's the future of AI in energy?  

Muffi: We're on the cusp of the biggest energy transition in history – from oil to electrons. The entire value chain is being re-imagined from production, delivery, infrastructure to the consumption of energy. This shift means a new set of challenges: people now need to consider energy and infrastructure based on time of use, demand capacity, environmental impact. The common thread that ties everything together is data, analytics, and insights.

Disruptor Daily is an online publication that reports on groundbreaking and innovative technology, helping executives, founders, and investors keep a pulse on the latest trends, innovations, and companies shaping the future of their industry. Sam Mire is a journalist in the field of disruptive technology, and has written extensively on the individuals and companies shaping the future of tech, working directly with many of them to advance their vision.

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