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As a founding member, Electriphi proudly supports EDICT in its movement to spearhead inclusion and diversity in the clean energy industry. 

We in Clean Tech have failed to embrace the power that diversity in our teams can bring to the fight against climate change. Edict stands on the belief that diversity is good business. Diversity can lead us to new ideas and markets that we have overlooked, and bring better returns for our companies and ultimately, our planet. 

But at its core, EDICT isn’t just a pronouncement of values. It’s a plan for action, for change. Here are the actions we are taking to build a more diverse, inclusive, stronger clean energy sector:

  • Pushing for the inclusion of diverse voices at all conferences and industry events.
  • Interviewing diverse candidates for every job opening and mentoring them once hired
  • Having the uncomfortable conversations needed to support the careers of diverse hires.
  • Searching out diverse mid-career and senior hires from other industries. 
  • Hiring paid interns from diverse backgrounds whenever we host internships.
  • Using data to hold ourselves accountable; we commit to transparency.

EDICT will help member and sponsor companies make real, measurable progress in diversity and inclusion. The members are dedicated to building a more diverse, inclusive, and stronger clean tech sector by training college students from underrepresented backgrounds with paid internships, helping mid-career professionals transition to clean energy jobs, and community development. 

Electriphi has taken the pledge as a founding member to lead as an example through our hiring process and representation at events and conferences. We are proud of the multitude of voices established in our team. To learn more about EDICT and take the pledge, go to: