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EV Fleet Total Cost of Ownership Tool

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Electriphi's EV Fleet TCO is now live in Beta! Find out how to get access

Policy and industry have converged on the long-term transition to zero-emission mobility, fast tracked with measures like emission mandates and fuel economy standards.  Loud and clear: electrification - particularly in the fleet space - is imminent.

But, fleet managers and utilities are still grappling with how to plan for the costs and implications associated with deploying electric vehicles.

A major piece of this is the Total Cost of Ownership - assessing the overall cost (or cost savings) of going electric. It’s particularly insightful since it shows what you’re actually spending across the life-span of running an electric vehicle fleet.

It shouldn't be difficult!

When we ran a search of TCO calculators for electric vehicle fleets, we were surprised at the short list of options. Among those, trying to find what should’ve been a simply presented TCO value meant an exercise in wrangling spreadsheets or hunting for data.

That’s why we're excited to showcase EV Fleet TCO, a new tool informing you on key electrification costs and comparisons. Customers like fleet managers, energy utilities, and planners can visualize and break down the impact of transitioning to EV fleets in an elegant and visual platform.  

EV Fleet TCO Tool User Interface

No more spreadsheets or searching for data

A one size fits all formula doesn’t give you actionable detail. With EV Fleet TCO, you can capture the unique characteristics of a fleet - duty cycle, vehicle type, location - to generate a custom calculation and report.

When you navigate through each section, intelligent default data will auto-populate so you don’t need to do extra research like figuring out costs of EVs or chargers. There’s always the option to input your own data if you have it on hand.

For added convenience, Electriphi’s EV Fleet TCO allows you to re-run simulations and save the report to share with your team.  

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Multi-dimensional analysis with a simple-to-use wizard

Without getting into the nitty gritty, EV Fleet TCO walks you through six steps on assessing key components of TCO:

  • Electrification plan: such as fleet size and location
  • Vehicles: costs and details for EV and ICE models
  • Routes & schedule: such as depot arrival and departure times
  • Utility: energy rates from default inputs or customize your own
  • Charging: including L2 and L3 EVSEs, costs, and capacity
  • Incentives: funding that reduces the cost burden of going electric

Behind the scenes, the tool runs through thousands of scenarios based on information you give. It uses statistical simulations to find the most cost savings possible for an electric vehicle deployment - revealing scenarios that spreadsheets wouldn’t be able to calculate.

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Uplevel your TCO analysis toolkit

Whether it’s getting a comprehensive report, or running a cost comparison for a distinct fleet, the EV Fleet TCO tool makes it easy to navigate a multi-faceted calculation. You can now sign up for Electriphi's Beta access of the product, at or send a message to

As a SaaS product at our core, this will only get better with input. If you're already brainstorming a new use case or a custom version of EV Fleet TCO - reach out with a message. I want to hear your suggestions. Feedback powers us! ⚡️