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Fantastic Turnout at 2019 Zero Emissions Bus Conference

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Electriphi joined electric mobility leaders in San Francisco at the Zero Emission Bus Conference

Electriphi joined electric mobility leaders in San Francisco this September 26 & 27 at the Zero Emission Bus Conference. Our team was front and center in demo-ing our Fleet Electrification Planning and Operational software to hundreds of attendees, supporters, and partners.

We were featured in an interview video by CTE, covering new technologies and innovators in the ZEB fleet space. Check out the video on our channel.

The ZEB Conference is an international event hosted by the Center for Transportation and the Environment (CTE), and is attended by 500+ of the world's leading experts on fleet-scale energy solutions including utilities, energy storage providers, and zero-emission bus fleet management trailblazers.

The event features zero-emission bus technology with updates on real-world operations, manufacturers’ performance innovations, and both charging and hydrogen infrastructure solutions taking place around the globe.

The two day event included panel discussions, industry networking opportunities, and an AC Transit technical tour.The Electriphi and CTE team did an awesome job creating a big presence at the event. Find out more about the conference here.