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Keynote at Zero Emission Bus Conference

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Electriphi presents opening Keynote at ZEB Conference

Electriphi will be presenting with a keynote from CEO Muffi Ghadiali at the 2020 Zero Emissions Bus Conference on September 15.

Hosted by the Center for Transportation and the Environment, the Zero Emissions Bus Conference is the premier event for industry experts to share case studies, new research, and future plans for electrification.

Join us in networking and hearing from speakers with unique perspectives of clean transportation technologies. The conference lasts from September 15-17 with Electriphi's featured Keynote talk at 1:30 PT on Tuesday (9/15). This year's event will be completely virtual and free, registration and more information can be found here at

About the Host: The Center for Transportation and the Environment is a U.S., 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to improve the health of their climate and communities by bringing people together to develop and commercialize clean, efficient, and sustainable transportation technologies.