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[Webinar] Powering EVs: Facing the Grid Impact of Transportation Electrification

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[Update] Replay of webinar now uploaded! Check out the video replay if you missed out on the live session.

‍How will the grid power the coming wave of electric vehicle adoption? Utilities and energy experts are facing the impact of transportation’s shift to electricity as a fuel source. The increased demand of charging vehicles will stress the grid, particularly in areas with a high concentration of EVs.

Hear from leaders at Enel X, Itron, DTE Energy, and the Electrification Coalition talk about real challenges they face, and the opportunities that exist.

• What challenges are there in assessing how much power is needed to charge EVs?

• Is the grid ready and how will utilities forecast when—and where— energy will be needed?

• What best practices can utilities and transportation counterparts bring to the table?

Panelists and experts at this webinar include:

- Sean Gouda, DTE Energy

- Mark Braby, Itron

- Ben Prochazka, Electrification Coalition

- Karen Hsu, Enel X

Join us on Zoom at 12:00 pm PST on January 14 to for this dialogue at the intersection of energy and e-mobility.

Register here or sign up for the replay. [Update: Video has been posted]

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