EV Fleet Electrification Planning tool launched

Wendy Zhao

Electriphi announced the availability of a web based tool to help fleet operators plan their transition to Electric Vehicle Fleets. This powerful web tool gives customized analysis for fleet operators planning the switch to EVs.

The tool is a self-serve web-based application that lets fleet managers break down factors affecting operations, fueling and infrastructure.To mark their appearance at this year’s Innovation and Impact Symposium, Electriphi is now making the tool available to all fleet operators at

“Electriphi’s tool is much more than a generic calculator. It performs thousands of scenario simulations based on the unique characteristics of each fleet, such as routes, schedules, local weather conditions, and utility rate structures. We then present actionable insights that can aid in electrification planning and transition,” said Sanjay Dayal, Electriphi’s Co-founder and CTO.

Large scale fleet electrification requires upfront planning and smart energy management. Conflicting priorities like vehicle charging requirements and fleet readiness make this much harder, and operators need to carefully weigh factors like utility rates, route plans, schedules and weather conditions. “As fleet operators make the transition to fully electric vehicles, Electriphi has developed a solution for this quickly-evolving industry. ProspectSV is happy to be working with their team to introduce this robust planning tool that flips the guessing game into a highly algorithmic calculation for improved fleet management.” Ruth Cox, CEO of Prospect Silicon Valley.See additional coverage of the tool on Freight Waves.