Featured in NACFE Charging Infrastructure Guidance Report

Electriphi's solution is featured in the latest Charging Infrastructure Guidance Report by the North American Council for Freight Efficiency and Rocky Mountain Institute. Validating the important role of intelligent energy and fleet management solutions and its implications for large scale fleet electrification. See attached excerpt featuring Electriphi's solution, and read the full report here.

The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) issued the Guidance Report detailing the current and likely short-term future of a comprehensive charging network for electric trucks. This is the the 30th report issued by the group, and its third Guidance Report that looks specifically at emerging technologies in the trucking industry.

NACFE is a non-profit organization that seeks to help North American trucking fleets deploy new technologies that help reduce the use of fossil fuels while boosting productivity and profitability.

Mike Roeth, NACFE’s executive director, noted that the future is coming fast in regard to electric trucks. However, he noted, that since it appears that the initial deployment of these vehicles will be in medium-duty applications, its latest Guidance Report will focus on charging and infrastructure considerations for those vehicles. NACFE will turn its attention to infrastructure and charging requirements for heavy duty/long-haul battery electric trucks at a later date.

The report was created with the help of the Rocky Mountain Institute, another non—profit group that is dedicated to creating a sustainable, global, green energy infrastructure. Jessie Lund, an associate specializing in freight and transportation issues with the group, said that NACFE has determined that when thinking about a future charging infrastructure for electric trucks, fleets must plan for three separate but related components: hardware, software/networking and maintenance.