Panelist at ACT Expo 2019

Wendy Zhao

Electriphi's Founder and CEO takes part in EV Charging Infrastructure Panel at ACT Expo in April 2019.

The panel discussed top of mind questions including:

Is it appropriate to get a network solution and what are the hardware capabilities without a network?

What is the added cost and value-add of a software service?

What are the general capabilities that are offered with networks, such as user groups, different pricing, and management functionality?

What is the good, the bad, and the ugly of Open Charge Point Protocol integration?

What other capabilities can the software provide, such as load balancing, mitigation of demand charges, renewable and energy storage integration and vehicle to grid?

Well developed EV charging solutions are critical to a successful EV fleet operation. Networked charging infrastructure can provide an array of helpful information to today’s data-driven fleet operator, in addition to providing easy reporting capabilities for grants and incentives. Finding the right solution to meet a fleet’s near-term needs and long-term EV growth goals is critical to ensure the efficiency of the initial capital investment.

The panel took place at 2019 ACT Expo, a conference which showcases the real-world application of the latest transportation technologies, drive trains, and clean fuels. The event drew 4,000 transportation stakeholders; 1000 fleet attendees; 250 sponsors, exhibitors, and partners; 200 expert speakers; and 8 co-located events.