1st of Webinar Series: Spearheading Diversity in Clean Transportation

Wendy Zhao
1 minute

[Update] Replay of webinar now uploaded! Check out the video replay if you missed out on the live session.

We are incredibly excited to invite you to Spearheading Diversity in Clean Transportation: Career Perspectives from Industry Leaders.

What does it take to chart a successful path in clean transportation? How have these leaders managed their careers? A diverse group of industry experts in clean transportation will engage in a timely dialogue on how they have navigated opportunities and challenges.

The field of clean transportation has a historical opportunity to lead in diversity and inclusion. We each play a pivotal role to spearhead that dialogue. But there are still systemic gaps and actionable lessons to learn from the leaders who have faced challenges - and come out on top.

Panelists and experts at this webinar include:

- Dexter Turner, OpConnect

- Jessie Lund, Rocky Mountain Institute

- Carly Macias, Regional Transportation District

- Alison Wiley, Electric Bus Newsletter

Join us on Zoom at 1:00 pm PST on September 8th to help us put the focus toward inclusion and diversity in this rapidly transforming field.

Register here or sign up for the replay. [Update: Video has been posted]

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