Planning intelligence for your electric fleet

Comprehensive analysis form fitted to your fleet. Plan your transition from a few EVs to full scale electrification

EV Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

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Easily calculate and visualize the TCO for your EV fleet

Comparing costs is now simpler than ever, with the data crunching handled by powerful simulation software.

Fleet Electrification Planning Tool

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Use our free tool to guide your EV transition planning

Estimate fueling costs, expected energy needs, environmental savings and more.

Customized blueprints for your electrification

We’ll work with you to answer the pressing questions in your electrification journey:

  • What type of chargers do I need?
  • Which routes should I electrify first?
  • What grants or funding could I qualify for?
  • How should I charge to reduce costs while ensuring my fleet serviceability?
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Insight and answers to electrify your fleet — and beyond.

Analysis for route planning, charging infrastructure, load modeling, energy management, and all the insights you’ll want in between.

Realistic Models

Simulations to match your actual fleet operations

Flexible Inputs

Easily update data and run ‘what-if’ scenarios

Comprehensive Reports

Track and share your fleet analysis findings

Accurate Costs & Benefits

Get the metrics to quantify business impact

Optimize Infrastructure 

Right-size your capex and save money on upfront costs

Fueling Analysis

Compare charging strategies to reduce energy costs

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Client showcase

Charging strategy assessment for leading Energy Utility

Utility needed a realistic simulation of peak loads based on operations of their transit fleet customer. Discovered the best charging strategies that modelled routes, extreme temperature profiles, and fleet operations. Electriphi identified an opportunity to optimize site transformer capacity, with load savings of over 520kW using charging management.

Ready to take your EV fleet plans to the next level?