EV fleet and charging management, at your fingertips

Ensure critical fleet operations run smoothly with Smart Charging, integrations, and reporting. Vehicles charged and ready, at the most optimal costs.

Meet the Electriphi Command Center

The leading Charge Management System: simplify your EV fleet management, save energy costs, and track key operational metrics.

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Product description

  • Charge Management software that grows with your fleet
  • All-in-one energy management powered by Smart Charging
  • Software-as-a-service flexibility to pay by use without lock-in
  • Platform and data policy built for any enterprise 


  • Hands-free operations: peace of mind that vehicles are ready for the next day’s services 
  • Save money and energy costs by charging at the right time
  • Run more EVs without needing expensive electrical upgrades
  • Keep tabs on fleet performance with notifications and configurable reports
  • Single dashboard for managing all your vehicles - electric and otherwise
  • Own all your data. Period.


  • Fleet operations: vehicles, telematics, dispatch services, GTFS, and more
  • Energy services: demand response systems, utility services, microgrid services, V2G, and more
  • Ecosystem: LCFS credits, buildings and facilities, public/private charging networks and much more. 

Where all your EV fleet operations come together

Compatibility with any charger or vehicle

Uniquely hardware agnostic, we are built on open industry standards that gives you flexibility without the pressure of a hardware upsell. Find the vehicle and charger that exactly fits your fleet’s needs.

Customer centric data policy

Complete data ownership to manage access and reporting. Enterprise API’s that allow for easy data transfer as you add more vehicles, chargers, and energy resources

Seamless connection into existing systems

Collect and manage data from current fleet systems or even legacy databases. Your telematics, CAD-AVL systems, driver management systems, routes and scheduling in a single, modular dashboard.

End-to-end view of EV fleet operations

Realtime status of vehicles, chargers, maintenance tickets, and other fleet assets right from your dashboard. Receive fault notifications, reset chargers, start and stop charging sessions all in one place.

Smart charging + energy management

Automatically determines when, how much, and how quickly to charge your fleet vehicles. Smart Charging looks at 20+ inputs from temperatures, to utility rates, to driver behavior to choose the most optimal charging strategies. Software built on machine learning and gets even smarter as you use it.

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Client showcase

Operational managed charging for Twin Rivers Unified

The largest deployed electric school bus fleets in the US - with 40 electric buses. Electriphi’s Charge Management System monitors charging and fleet operations across 3  charger OEMs and 4 vehicle OEMs.

Find out how we integrate chargers, vehicles, and fleet services to deliver comprehensive energy reporting and more.

Twin River Unified school bus photo

Ready to take your EV Fleet Operations to the next level?